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Put your finger onto the lens of the cell phone camera.

Activate the camera.

Wait for detection of heartbeats.

Start recording your heart rate variability session.

Continue until automatic termination of the session or stop the session manually.

Record a session

Activate the camera


Take a comfortable and relaxed sitting position, then put your finger on the lens of the phone camera.
Then press this button to activate the camera. Just wait, until the signal quality is good and your heart rate is displayed.

Tips for good signal quality

When the app is configured for working with an HRM (heart rate monitor) instead of the iPhone camera, then pressing this button builds up a (Bluetooth-) connection to the HRM.


Start recording

You can start recording as soon as good quality heartbeats are detected.

HeartBreath uses slow breathing mechanisms to measure and improve your heart rate variability.

Stop recording

When you press the stop button, the session is terminated. At least one minute of heartbeats is required, before data storage is allowed. The session duration can be defined in the App settings. It is given as "number of breaths" to collect. After a successful recording the data can be saved for later review and analysis.

The recording stops automatically, when the preconfigured number of breaths is reached.

Values visible during the recording


The variability value is a measure for the changes of your heartrate while breathing.

  • The Variability value is displayed while recording and on review of the session's data. While recording, the value is shown for the first time at 30 seconds when good quality heartbeats are available. It is then updated with every new beat and calculated from the last 30 to 60 seconds of data.

  • The higher the value the better the flexibility of your autonomic nervous system.

  • Please don´t compare your values to other people. It is just your Variability that counts and the change of your Variability with time and training.

Variability values are highest during teenage years and decline with age. People with a healthy lifestyle and/or experience in meditation typically produce better/higher values. Training with HeartBreath can help raise your values.

Variability sample data:

  • 15 male, athletic: 150-200

  • 32 female,untrained, values vary significantly with stress and recovery: 30-150.

  • 34 male,athlete: 50-100

  • 50 female untrainiert, unskilled in slow (RSA) breathing: 20-40

  • 52 male, athlete with three years of experience on slow breathing: 100-120

Heart rate

During the recording the current heart rate is displayed, if the camera is activated and the finger is placed on the camera lens with good signal quality.

The value displayed is the current heart rate, computed from the distance between the last two heartbeats. The value is updated with every new heartbeat. When you inhale, your heart rate rises. When you exhale, your heart rate slows down.

Pacing Area

The pacing area/circle is used to guide you through the breathing excercise.
Use finger gestures to move this area to any position on the phone screen or to change the size of the circle.
Go to the App settings for selection of a pacing sound.

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