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Acid blood due to shallow breathing?

Acid blood due to shallow breathing? We inhale oxygen and emit carbon dioxide (co2) on exhalation. Our body usually regulates this gas exchange completely independently in a way that is good for it. Rapid and shallow breathing (also called hypoventilation), which can often be observed in connection with fear or stress, can lead to less effective oxygen supply and to an accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. The risk that carbonic acid will form from it, the pH value will drop and the blood will become "acidic" in an almost ambiguous sense increases... Such a condition weakens the heart, bones, muscles, as well as the immune system and, of course, performance and concentration. Flat stomach without shallow breathing;) BREATHING - contrary to some beauty ideals of a flat stomach - diaphragmatically 'into the belly’, seems to have significantly more influence on our health than expected! Curious about what breathing is like with your heart? Then take a breath from your heart - HeartBreath

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