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BreathTuner HRV

Find your optimal breathing rate.

Everyone has a specific optimal breathing frequency, which is good for the heart and the whole body & mind!

With the special BreathTuner test you can find out your individual breathing heart resonance frequency. All you need is an iPhone and 15 minutes of time and rest. At the end of the test, you will know how to breathe to bring your entire organism into optimal balance.

Breathing like this improves:

  • Your athletic training

  • Your ability to relax

  • Your sleep quality

  • Stress and anxiety symptoms

  • Blood pressure problems and much more.

Our new app BreathTuner HRV is now available in the Apple App Store. The basic features are free and can be used, for example, to determine your best breathing rate in the Mindfulness app on your Apple Watch.

The app guides you through a series of breathing exercises with high-quality sound flows and spoken instructions. Both the breathing signal (abdominal breathing) and your heartbeats are recorded and analyzed in sync.

As far as we know, BreathTuner HRV is the only app that provides a combined evaluation of the breathing signal and the heart rate, ensuring a high-quality assessment for your individual best breathing rate (resonance frequency).

More information is available on the BreathTuner Homepage.

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2 comentários

Oleg Gavryliuk
Oleg Gavryliuk
16 de dez. de 2021

Thanks. How often is it optimal to recheck optimal breathing rate?

16 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

Hi Oleg, the idea is that your individual resonance frequency remains fairly constant throughout your life. With several BreathTuner measurements you can determine this resonance frequency more and more precisely. Here is a study (with many references):

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