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Would you like a touch (more!) of life?

Would you like a touch (more!) of life?

Live longer by walking barefoot or (better) breathing ...? ... of course, because both stimulate the vagus nerve - the nerve that is decisive for physical and mental health and is also known as the self-healing nerve for good reason.

Targeted training of the vagus (parasympathetic nervous system) always pays off - and can help reduce depression, inflammation, digestion, heart rate or blood pressure and thus the risk of serious illnesses or even cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Vagus workout - in a nutshell

How to walk barefoot is probably clear - take off your shoes and off you go.. Massages or an atlas therapy can also stimulate the recovery nerve. Correct and therefore healthy breathing, on the other hand, probably does a lot more, but - strange as that may sound - it requires a little practice. For all those who do not yet know their optimal breathing rate to maximize the healing effect - BreathTuner HRV will help on (automatic) assessment (-> available for you free of charge in the AppStore soon). You can still train, further optimize and, above all, measure your vagus nerve (in the form of the RSA / HRV) via HeartBreath.

With this in mind - good health to all training buddies, Your HeartBreath Team

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