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Attention - mandatory breathing 🤭👆

It is well known that anyone who does not breathe or breathes incorrectly over a longer period of time risks (brain) death in the worst case, but also chronic illnesses or, in the best case, losses in the overall mental and physical quality of life.

On average, the following consequence applies per duration without oxygen supply: 2min - fainting 5min - irreversible damage to the brain 10min - clinically dead.

As always, exceptions prove the rule - the world record is currently 22 minutes.

An old proverb says that man survives about 3 months without food, 3 days without liquid and 3 minutes without oxygen...from this point of view, air is our most important food.... but who consumes it properly and who -in the fast food division- only according to the motto "fast air"...? Breathing also needs to be learned (again), because what babies can often still do intuitively is often lost to us in the fast-paced everyday life of the performance society, which often does not encourage intuition....

There are many roads to Rome... and also many ways to the correct or at best better and thus healthier breathing...

One of them is quite simple and convenient via your iPhone - embark today on the journey to your individual optimal breathing rate, listen to your heart (-rate variability) and let your body inspire you... (—> coming soon:

With this in mind - always breathe deeply to keep a clear head.

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