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Incredible facts about breathing!

Incredible facts about breathing and to think about

  1. We take around 20,000 breaths every day. because we cannot store oxygen, but we need it to generate energy

  2. Our lungs cannot feel pain. therefore we do not perceive this impressive organ (well); Thankfully, with that we don't feel the tension of the diaphragm muscle on the lungs

  3. We hold our breath (briefly) while urinating .. in order to create downward pressure via the diaphragm (for details see e.g. Dr. Jürgen Brater) .. when it works, breathing continues .. everything is very easy and automatic

  4. Sighs are not for grouches, but for real survivors .. According to neuroscientists, we sigh in order to survive - more precisely, mostly unnoticed, around 12 times an hour and the whole thing to supply even remote areas of the lungs with oxygen; Psychologists also suspect a possible reset function to discharge emotions and tension.

In this sense - keep calm and breathe - HeartBreath!

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