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Breathing as a panacea?

Movements and postures within a wide variety of techniques (such as yoga, pilates, autogenic training, etc.) may be different, but even with only superficial examination it can be seen that almost all relaxation techniques work with and via breathing. Healthy and correct breathing ensures that the body is supplied with sufficient oxygen on the one hand and that toxins are adequately removed on the other. Blood that is optimally enriched with oxygen is nimble and can supply all organs and cells quickly and well. Numerous studies can be found on the improvement of multiple ailments (including diseases of the respiratory tract, the digestive tract, cardiovascular, autoimmune or psychological diseases) with correct breathing, which in turn often seems to follow an inner attitude - but can also influence this vice versa .. don't you think so? Then breathe in and out as fast as you can for 10 seconds.


honestly: do you feel easy going and relaxed? On the other hand, if you breathe deeply and calmly, opposite impulses - here a kind of chill-out message, so to speak - are sent to your brain. Even our decision (ability) and the much-cited 'free will' should largely depend on our breathing. Some people of light even claim to be able to absorb the water from the humidity in the air they breathe and to be able to live on light, air, love and a little bit of water ..

So breathe properly as the Holy Grail? Weather breathing is really EVERYTHING or not - one thing is clear: WITHOUT BREATHING, EVERYTHING IS NOTHING

With this in mind - stay healthy and take a deep HeartBreath

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