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BreathingApp & oxygen as best medicine

Why should the most natural thing in the world, like breathing, be relearned? Hardly anything triggers as much resistance in our performance society as dealing with one's own body functions or even with their relaxation (and thus 'inactivity'). And if something breaks on it, the doctor as a kind of 'body mechanic' should provide relief asap, if possible without doing anything on our own, as externally determined as possible ..? There is hardly any other area where we would like to take so little (self) responsibility than for our vital LIVING vehicle *. because there has already happened too much of own attacks, too much of crossing borders? because it was not learned or not respected and en vogue ..? Whatever and even if denounced here in a very exaggerated way .. WHEN, if not now, do we want to give something back, feel a little bit, at the beginning in some places we may perceive a lot of fears, in other places seemingly uncontrollable anger, often possibly breathing that is not good, occasionally pain or even a pinch here or there; again and again there will be some cases where help is needed to take what is too hard, to carry what is to heavy for one and hopefully this help will be accepted without shame .. Let's start right now - quite simply - every now and then to breathe (right!)! With this in mind - take a HeartBreath & stay healthy

* but in particular self-responsibility and thus your -trust would be the opponents to fear and fear-/ stress-induced weakening of the immune system -> ergo: self-confidence and a good relationship between my body and me strengthen my immune system;)!

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