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Caution CORONA

Caution Corona, but -! Don't take the breath away.. ! Too often, calls for 'don't panic' are counterproductive (like the appeal under no circumstances to imagine a pink spotted elephant - to name one of the classics) "Dying out of fear is dead too" Not least because of the rapid increase in stress-related (and therefore anxiety-) related diseases in the past decades, attention should be drawn to the current corresponding danger in this regard, but also to the very likely weakening of the individual immune system (e.g. possible viruses). Fear has always prepared us for a fight or flight reaction (considering the special case ‘freeze’ would go beyond the scope here). Devastating consequences for our immune system can result if we do not use the resulting shallow, rapid breathing, muscle tension, released adrenaline and all the - usually helpful - preparations for a defense, if we sit at home and conditions persist in the long term and in turn potentially significantly weaken our immune system. (for a basic overview see e.g. at protect yourself and others, follow the necessary measures, but BREATHE, LOVE and LIVE! stay healthy - HeartBreath(e)

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