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Self-determination - especially when it comes to health - is on everyone's lips. It seems more convenient in everyday stress, which often blocks our FEELING due to too much DOING, to hand over the responsibility for our own health to the appropriate 'professionals', 'the doctor, psychologist, faith healer or whoever' and thus often massively overestimate the probability that these - often strangers - people could assess our system better than we could ourselves... yes, many things seem to be more convenient than - beware of bad words - taking on personal responsibility. To feel yourself without being overwhelmed by emptiness or pain, to react to your own needs without appearing selfish - neither in front of others, nor in front of yourself - requires determination as well as a huge portion of courage! Stop pounding your head, accept the test of courage and just start breathing CONSCIOUSLY for today - we would be happy to support you with this; Stay healthy - HeartBreath

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