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The dangers of incorrect breathing ...

The dangers of incorrect breathing .. ..and the potential for correct breathing are often underestimated. Permanent shallow breathing and therefore less efficient processing of oxygen stresses our body and can trigger or promote a variety of symptoms, such as headache, lack of concentration, tension, exhaustion, but also cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or gastric / intestinal diseases. In addition, of course, this weakens the immune system and increases the susceptibility to diseases overall. Healing through proper breathing? In many places there is even talk that correct breathing is the best medicine. Numerous exercises can help - feelings and your breathing influence each other (for example, before you take an important exam, take a look at your breathing or breathe in and out very quickly and see if you become more restless;)). Get involved in becoming more aware of yourself, look at how breathing changes your heartbeat and train yourself (preferably daily) with - HeartBreath.

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