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Why HRV App ..? Why breathe ..?

Today we invite you to let a few questions affect you without rating and to help and maybe rethink something ..

why body care ..? for whom..? and how long will I survive without ..? why actually work ..? for whom? and how long will I survive without ..? why breathe (correctly) ..? for whom? and how long will I survive without ..?

Why all the effort, if there is another way .. some things might work that way for decades, some of them well, some less well, some only work for a few months, some only for a few minutes ... - not breathing - no way .. to breathe wrong - here you go...?

Unfortunately, people often think short-term because long-term consequences of incorrect breathing are e.g. very individual, difficult to predict or later difficult to put (scientifically - i.e. through studies across many individuals) in connection with this bad way of dealing with myself ... May be this makes it easier to sweep it under the carpet or to deny it later.. in front of others .. but can that also succeed facing oneself ..?

May be it is difficult to believe and even more difficult to accept that relaxation or correct breathing have to be learned again and that we are (have become) inferior to the smallest of our society in the most essential things .. you can Breathe (properly) without an app and without help. Without help you can even feel how this breathing affects your whole body and your cardiovascular system .. but if you need a little support - go ahead, HeartBreath is happy to get started with you and to take a deep breath with you;)!

So as easy as it is - don‘t forget to breathe. longterm planning - here you go, trust in yourself, say yes, not no!

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