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FFP2, face masks and fear

FFP2, face masks and fear - for risks and side effects, read the HeartBreath supplement, for example, and ask yourself, your immune system or your well-being First of all - we respect and understand the currently valid corona protective measures. However, there is no health service representative who has always spoken of the beneficial effects of deep breathing and fresh air on posture, on the immune system, and on our overall well-being, who also expects no corresponding losses and consequences of restrained breathing (for fear of infection or transmission) with or without mouth and nose protection on it - negative learning effects cannot be excluded. Nor can it be made credible that relaxation is always touted as a panacea and vice versa fear cannot weaken or even suppress the immune system and will last in the long term. In order not to be disqualified here as a denier or as a conspiracy theorist, but - as a serious provider of breathing apps - to remain professional and above all honest, we should, at this point again, indicate possible consequential damage from shallow, incorrect breathing or breathing of excessive high pollutant or CO2 concentration as well as those caused by long-term free-floating fear (for details see also Try to find as many oases of safety, relaxation and, above all, free, relaxed, and deeper (abdominal) breathing as possible. And, if necessary, let us help you - for example, through HeartBreath - that would be a special honor for us

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